Monday, May 14, 2012


I start every day with a couple of strong flat whites. That's because I'm not man enough to front up to a shot of espresso so early in the day. But once the day's in full swing, this is what I really love - the intense, pure full-on coffee hit that is a ristretto. It's half the size of an espresso - about 15 mls. Same amount of coffee, half the water. This is the parfum to a short black's eau de parfum and a flat white/cappuccino's eau de toilette. The coffee has to be good because there's nowhere to hide. Ristretto translates literally as restricted. The only thing restricted is the use of water. The flavour is anything but. In some strata of society they'd be tempted to inject this. But they'd be denying their tastebuds serious pleasure.

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