Thursday, March 15, 2012


If lamb mince is made from lamb, and pork sausages are made from pork, what is dog food made from? And what are children's meals made from? These questions crossed my mind as I started writing this post. This could be called vegetarian. But then, is vegetarian food made FOR vegetarians or FROM them? This isn't pure vegetarian, since the polenta was made with a rich home-made chicken stock. One of the local stores had some beautifully fresh okra. Some people don't like okra. I bet that's because the okra has been overcooked, when it develops a mucus-like sliminess. The best way to cook okra is to sautée it in olive oil, but stop before it's really tender. I then quickly added and heated sliced garlic, dried chilli and Italian canned cherry tomatoes (worth searching for - I got these from Sydney's Fratelli Fresh). The pumpkin was dusted with organic cumin seeds, Murray River salt and pepper then roasted in a very hot oven. In the polenta? Stock and salt, cream and parmesan to finish.

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