Saturday, January 28, 2012


In Thailand, this steamed fish curry would be prepared in banana leaf cups. Our neighbours have a banana plantation and I can get banana leaves whenever I need them. However, we've had a bit of rain around here these past couple of days - enough to cause local flooding - and I wasn't in the mood for traipsing around in the mud to cut a leaf, so I made do with glass bowls. If you haven't had this at a Thai restaurant or cooked it yourself, give it a go. It's really quite simple. Ten minutes prep and 30 minutes cooking. It's a mix of finely sliced fish (I used barramundi), lime juice, fish sauce, palm sugar, red chilli paste, coconut milk and egg. I lined the base of the cooking vessels with Thai basil leaves, spooned in the mixture and steamed. That's kaffir lime and chilli on top.

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