Sunday, May 23, 2010


Not much to explain here. The cabbage salad is a wonderful Stephanie Alexander recipe (from The Cook's Companion). I use kipfler or nicola potatoes for the other salad, with eschalots, olive oil (sometimes with a little walnut oil) & white balsamic or white wine vinegar). The local fishmonger has a blackboard out on the footpath on which he writes the seasonal fish he's selling each day. When he has tuna, he seems to write its name larger than other fish. Maybe because it's a short word. Maybe because he reveres it above other species and so gives it prominence. I think he's writing it just for my benefit because he knows that if I know he has tuna, I'll buy some. I buy it because I trust him to only buy it when it's great. I haven't been disappointed. He'll buy a fish at the markets only if its flesh is deeply translucent with that rainbow-coloured mirror shine on its cut surface. If he doesn't think he can sell all of the fish in a couple of days, he'll stop at another fish shop on his way back from the markets and sell half the fish to his mate there. I like that.

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