Sunday, May 23, 2010


Do you hate pigeons? Think of them as flying rats? Here's an idea - eat them. OK, some people have trouble with the concept of eating pigeon. What if I told you that these aren't simply rounded up from city buildings, but raised for the table? And instead of scavenging for human leftovers, these birds are treated to a mixture of whole grains like wheat, corn, peas and safflower. Still not convinced? Then you need to try one because the flavour is superb. Deep, rich - about as rich as bird flesh can be. The best pigeon I have eaten was in Cairo. This is pretty good, though. A mix of Chris Manfield and Greg Malouf. Chris's recipe for the squab and sauce, which has a distinct Moroccan influence. Paired with a couscous recipe from Greg Malouf in which a dish of steamed diced pumpkin is covered with couscous, hot stock is poured over it, a few pieces of butter placed on top and it is then covered and baked. Delicious.

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