Monday, May 21, 2012


Confession time. First, the salsa verde might look familiar. I made it two days ago. Second, the observant amongst you might suspect that the broccolini isn't roasted ...okay, the reality is that none of you suspected that it mightn't have been roasted - or cared whether it was or wasn't. But it wasn't and that's because when you roast broccolini, the roasting doesn't enhance the flavour. So there are two roasted vegetables and one steamed vegetable ... no, that's a lie, because there's garlic in the salsa verde and, well, um, who gives a ...? Let's settle for veg with sauce (which is what salsa means, for the non-Spanish speakers amongst you)? Pumpkin from our neighbours' farm. Chokos also from their farm. Broccolini from the market. Enough.

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